“Superhead”: Life After Karrine Steffans

American TV channel “TV One” aired Karrine Steffan’s “Life After” last night.

Karrine became famous in the Hip Hop industry for “giving head” to some of the biggest names in the game. Jay-Z and Ja Rule are a couple of rappers Karrine has allegedly performed oral sex on. Her infamous act quickly have her the name “Superhead.”

The program documents her life as a child. It is evident that her abusive mother and neglecting father drove her to be the video vixen she was. This segment covers the different challenges she faced through life, including being raped aged 13 and raising a child at 18 whilst being in an abusive relationship.

Heres a little snippet of the show.

At Puffy’s New Year’s Eve Party I had an epiphany. I’m surrounded by celebrities. I’m surrounded by wealth and I had nothing. I was the good time girl. We can fly her here, we can fly her there. I was the only person without a five year plan. Without a Five Day Plan. I’m the only person here who has nothing to offer and so it was January 2002 that I had had enough of myself.

I would personally recommend it. Don’t miss it. Watch it here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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