Digital Spy recently did an exclusive interview with upcoming duo, Hurts.

Hurts claimed that they offer an alternative sound to music currently in the charts. They believe that many artists are “piggy-backing” on popular sounds in order to score a hit song.

Here is a snippet of their interview:

What do you think about the current state of the charts then?
“It’s a difficult one. British pop music seems to go in waves – it thrives on individuality but at the moment a lot of artists sound the same. People like David Bowie were completely different but managed to stand alongside other big acts, whereas today that idea seems to be lost. There’s a lot of piggy-backing going on. I think it’s about to change though – the public aren’t stupid.”

Your previous single, ‘Better In Love’, charted at number 50. Were you disappointed?
“Not in any way! We thought it was incredible – it was other people who seemed to think we should be disappointed. We only played our first ever gig two months before the song came out, so to get to number 50 was a huge achievement for us. It brought people’s attention to us, which was the purpose of it really. You could say, ‘It’s not about the battle, it’s about the war’.”

You’re already successful in Europe. Why do you think we’re taking longer to catch on?
“I don’t think you can ever plan how something like this will turn out. It all depends on time, people and place. Greece has been wonderful to us so far. They were having a terrible time financially earlier this year, so it’s great to see a song about having a wonderful life connecting with them. Britain’s obviously the place we hold dear as it taught us how to write songs, but a band like us at the moment is competing with heavy-hitters like Taio Cruz and Jason Derulo. It’s been our dream to do that, but we’re coming up from the bottom and hopefully providing an alternative.”

Check out the full interview here: Hurts Exclusive Interview

Hurts upcoming single “Wonderful Life” is expected to do well in the charts this Sunday.

Check out the video here:


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