NEW MUSIC: Cheryl Cole – ‘Promise This’

Cheryl Cole has timed the release of her new song Promise This perfectly; during the X Factor madness.

Cheryl and her team are hoping that the song will be just as successful as Fight For This Love.

I don’t really like slating artists as I appreciate that a lot of them have worked very hard to produce whatever it is they have produced.

As catchy as the song is, truth be told, it is junk. It will get so much radio play that I will probably end up putting it on my iPod. There’s two things that will make it sell; No.1 – Cheryl Cole has a massive fan base as her husband, Ashley Cole, cheated on her and she’s a newly divorced. No.2 – As stated earlier, she is releasing it during the X Factor craze.

If she wants to take her music to America, she will need to work on her vocals and find a sound that isn’t so cheap, manufactured and predictable. No disrespect Cheryl.

Don’t mean to be horrible but lets face it. If Ashley did not cheat, Cheryl would not be as successful as she is now, unlike Girls Aloud band member Nadine Coyle.

Talking of Nadine, Nadine released a good track called Insatiable a couple of days ago. I wonder who will do better! Let the charts commend.

Anyways, lets quit the writing and start the listening.

Here is Cheryl ColePromise This

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