How to overcome naughty cravings

Have you made a conscious decision to “eat healthier” yet find yourself giving into cravings you so badly want to give up? If so, there is no need to feel guilty. Your journey to a healthier you isn’t over. In fact, lapsing is all part of the journey.

Here are two simple tips to help you get back on track.

1. Write down why you ate the very thing you said you wouldn’t


Did you have a bad day? Was the restaurants menu irresistible? Or did you give in to a craving that you had all day? Whatever the reason, log it and keep a record of it.

For example, just the other day, I went to Waterstone’s to browse some books on nutrition. Inspired to write this article, I popped downstairs to their Costa coffee shop. On automatic, I ordered an old favourite ham and cheese toastie and assured myself it was the best choice. My habit blinded me so much, I didn’t see the healthier and tastier alternatives.

By writing this down, I acknowledged the lapse and identified the cause. The next time I pop into Costa, I know to make a better choice.

2. Find ways to enjoy flushing it out


To recover from a lapse, you firstly need to diagnose how severe your lapse is. Did you slip and have a toastie or have you made one unhealthy choice after the other?

If you made one or two unhealthy choices, you can relax. After all, what harm can one burger really do? The important thing is that you make healthier choices from today onwards. You can start by consuming more water, fruit and vegetables. This is a great way to flush whatever you ate out of your system.

One of the most fun ways to stay on track is to run a bubble bath and place a glass of water, green tea and strawberries by your side. The experience is so nourishing and relaxing, you’ll be excited to continue making healthier choices.

However if you found yourself making lots of unhealthy choices for a period of time, it will take more than an additional glass of water to get back on track. In this case, your body needs a reset. I love resets because it helps to break the cycle before it becomes a downward spiral habit.


You can begin the reset process by putting on your workout gear and doing your favourite exercise. Sweating while you do something you love will remind you how good it feels to be healthy and active.

The next part of the process is to cleanse your body of the toxins and cravings you have eaten over the week.

Woman relaxing in sauna.

A fun way to cleanse is to treat yourself to a homemade spa weekend. Gather your friends to a nearby sauna and when you’re done, go home, put on a face mask, drink lots of water and green tea. Fill your weekend meals with lots of greens and extra protein. By the end of the weekend, you will feel so cleansed and energised, you will be inspired to make healthier choices in the week.

I create spa-like evenings once a week and it helps me to remember that being healthy doesn’t have to mean cutting things out of your diet, but rather finding ways to be good to yourself.

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