Fresh Acts


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I woke up early on Thursday morning with the intention of going to the gym before commencing the day. Like normal, I checked my e-mails and Facebook account before packing my gym bag… problem is I got a little distracted. My friend Jason presented me with a singer that is signed under UTML music group.

I listened to one of Inessa’s songs titled “Mad In Love Remix” to only find that she was something…someone my ipod had been missing! I was later shocked to find that the song has over 2 million hits. Where has she been all my life?

Out of excitement I googled Inessa to see if I could find any of her other songs. I once again fell in love with her voice when I heard her other track “Significant Other.”

Althou the talented 26 year old has started her career in the american market, the young woman is yet to reach our European radio and music channels. It would be a shame to keep her music to myself!

Listen to her songs here:

Mad In Love Remix – Inessa

Significant Other – Inessa (My personal fave!!!!)

Mad In Love Original – Inessa

Don’t we just love her?

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