CHARTS: Fantasia’s Come Back Album

Fantasia’s suicidal attempt made critics believe her career was over.

American Idol winner had an affair with a married man and all hell broke loose when the wife of her partner spoke out. Due to the pressure, judgement and lack of privacy, Fantasia resorted to suicide.

Soon after coming out of hospital, she performed several gigs to promote her new album “Back To Me.” Although the album was released just weeks after the ordeal, Fantasia earned her highest chart debut of her career on the Billboard 200, landing it at No.2 with an impressive 117,000 copies sold.

NEW MUSIC: Fantasia Sings She’s “LUCKY” To Have A Married Man

A scrapped song from Fantasia’s “Back To Me” album reached the surface yesterday.

Ironically, the song titled “Lucky” is about getting intimate with a committed man and being Lucky to have him, despite the circumstances.

Whoever is around her can’t possibly be by her side since this track got leaked during the suicide fiasco.

Check out the song here: