SUCCESS: Beyonce & Lady Gaga Hit Most Powerful Women List

Beyonce and Lady Gaga have hit the Forbes’ Most Powerful Women list.

Beyonce landed on the fabulous no.9 spot. This was for having sales that exceeded 118 million records.

Lady Gaga hit the no.7 spot for being the new Queen of Pop.

There is no surprise that the most powerful woman on the list is Michelle Obama.

ALBUM NEWS: Quincy Jones Doesn’t Listen To GaGa

Industry legend Quincy Jones is in the process of releasing a new LP titled Q: Soul Bossa Nostra. This album will be a tribute record to himself.

The 77-year-old has planned to have Amy Winehouse feature on the album with a track cover called It’s My Party. Mark Ronson is said to join Amy on the record. The original It’s My Party dominated the charts in 1963.

Quincy Jones spoke on his meeting with Amy Winehouse at Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday concert to the Guardian:

“We hugged and I said, ‘Why you got to mess up your life like this?’ She said, ‘I’m gonna be OK. My husband’s getting out of jail soon.’ I said, ‘Wow! That’s a big positive!’ She’s like Naomi [Campbell], my other little naughty sister,”

But don’t expect a Lady Gaga feature on any of his tracks.

“I don’t listen to her,” (rolling his eyes) “[‘Cause] I heard it a couple of times!”

You’ll find the Gaga-free album dropping later this year.

GENERAL: GaGa Hyperventilates During Shoot

Lady GaGa recently revealed that she hyperventilated during the shoot of her latest music video ‘Alejandro.’

The singer explains the clash with the director and photographer Steven Klein on Vogue:

“We are both very strong-willed and we both have very specific visions. And I knew his specific vision and he knew mine so that it was like tugging at a rope together. And then we tied a beautiful knot! I wanted to bring him out of his comfort zone and he wanted to bring me out of mine. “[He was] stripping me down, taking off all my make-up, no eyelashes, no liner, saying, ‘I’m cutting all of your hair off’ and not tanned… For me, I was hyperventilating, but it did force me to be myself.”

The ‘Poker Face’ star features on the cover of this month’s Japanese Vogue Hommes wearing a bikini made of raw meat.